Monday, September 15, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes

I was waiting with my 3rd graders outside the cafeteria on Friday. Since I can't print the student's real names, here is a conversation that took place.

Student 1: Ms. Pevzner every time I look at you, it looks like your stomach is getting bigger. Almost like you are pregnant or something.

Me: Well, that's because I am pregnant.

Student 2: I thought your stomach was growing too, but my mom said it was rude to ask a lady if she was pregnant if you weren't sure.

Me (addressing student 2): You are right about that but I am having a baby in January.

Student 1 proceeds to scream across the line that I am having a baby. So, if any 3rd grader wasn't sure if I was just gaining weight or pregnant student #1 clarified everything for them.

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Anonymous said...

Too funny Trace! I laugh at the students comments at my school. One today said, "You're pregnant you know." This at 39 weeks pregnant. Hysterical. Last week I was screening Kindergarten students and as a conversation starter asked what they thought was in my belly...some said, "Lots of food!" Love it! Some had no idea and the brighter ones quickly repied that it was a baby like I had no clue! ~Chris