Sunday, September 14, 2008

Awesome Saturday

I used one of the gift certificates Steve got me and went for a prenatal massage yesterday. It was so relaxing! I recommend it to every pregnant lady out there. When I was driving to the appointment the baby kept kicking and moving, but as soon as the massage started, I didn't feel a thing from the baby. I think the baby liked it too!

After the massage, I went to Walmart to pick up a rug that Holly and I saw last week. We were searching for a rug for the baby's room and didn't have any luck until Walmart. We found the rug (pictured on the right) for $70. If you have ever looked at rugs before you know they are super expensive and one for 70 bucks isn't bad. Well, I waited to get it to check with Steve. Steve never got around to seeing it but I went in to pick it up anyway. When I was checking out, it rang up at $17! Apparently, they kept marking it down and they just want it out of the store. Even if it doesn't work out, who cares it was less that 20 bucks!

To cap off this awesome Saturday, Steve and I went to Donna's house (my coworker) for a lobster bake. We had great lobsters, yummy side dishes and smores! In case you didn't know this about my husband...he makes the best smores. He melts the marshmallows just right so everything blends together nicely. It is quite a talent.

Sunday is starting off great too...Steve went out and got me french toast for breakfast!

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