Monday, September 28, 2009

Our family trip to Nantucket

Steve is always looking out for our family and he actually scored us a free weekend in Nantucket. He helped out this woman with some odd jobs around her Nantucket home and she was so appreciative that she offered her house for a visit. We packed up our Mazda and we headed to Nantucket early Saturday morning. If you take a look at the picture, you can check out this massive house. Steve took a picture from the guest house!

We knew Lucas would do fine with traveling and sightseeing, but we were concerned over the sleeping situation. He sleeps through the night at home but when we went to New York and Maine this summer Lucas did not sleep well. Plus, the Nantucket guest house was only one, large room. When Lucas fell asleep around 8, Steve and I decided to go to bed since he would probably be up in a few hours. But, we didn't hear from him until 5:30! It sounds early to most, but that's about the time Lucas usually wakes up.

All weekend Steve called Lucas the "Mayor of Nantucket." Lucas was waving, smiling and cooing to everyone walking by. He's already got a thing for the ladies. Lucas will smile if a man talks to him but when a woman comes over he squeals and acts shy. You know what they say: like father, like son!

On other Lucas news: Both Sandra and Steve said they saw Lucas crawl. I've only seem him doing the backward scoot and take one lunge forward. Since I haven't seen him crawl, in my mind he hasn't done it. It won't go down in the baby book until I witness it. I think that seems fair.

Steve will bring Lucas for his 9 month check up on Thursday. I wonder what the doc will say since Lucas STILL has no teeth!??

Monday, September 21, 2009

Apples Galore!

Lucas had another busy week. On Saturday we took him apple picking for the first time. It was a gorgeous day plus he got to hang out with the Williams family and Matt and Olivia. Although he really isn't smiling for the pictures, he did have a good time! He liked it when Steve would peel part of an apple, I would chew it up a bit, and then put it in his mouth. He's just like his daddy..he likes his food!

Steve and Lucas took their first swimming class on Sunday. Apparently Lucas was more interested in everything going on around him than the actual water. But, he didn't cry and he was so pooped after it that he took a nice, long nap. I liked the swim class too because I got an hour by myself and got to run outside. I love my boys but it is nice to have some alone time. You moms know what I'm talking about.

Since the little man is doing the backwards crawl, we put up a little gated area for him to play safely. Luke seems to like it and we can get some stuff done without being worried he will knock into something.

Next weekend we are off to Nantucket!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Run, daddy, run!

Lucas ran (well, got pushed) in his first 5k! Steve and I have been running the Ovarian Cancer 5k in South Boston for the past 9 years and this year we had a great group joining us. Steve did awesome and finished 6th in his age group and 27th overall. It's pretty impressive but what is even more impressive is that Steve hadn't run in months and he was pushing our 22 pound turkey. Apparently, when Steve was passing other runners Lucas would giggle. It's probably not the best thing to hear while being passed by someone pushing a baby, but it is funny. I didn't do too shabby either and finished 17th in my age group.

Lucas is also perfecting the backwards crawl/waddle. He is pushing himself around but hasn't quite pushed himself up on all fours yet. The other day I put him on his play mat, went to get something, came back and he had scooted into the middle of the living room. He just looked up and laughed. He does a lot of that lately!

He's also doing great on using a sippy cup. I've heard from other mothers to introduce the cup early so he's not struggling at a year to drink. Lucas will pretty much grab the cup and guzzle whatever liquid we put in it. Maybe he is getting ready for college early?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy Labor Day weekend

The Pevznamian family had a fun filled Labor Day weekend. First, we ventured to Agawam to see granny, Aunt Elaine, dad and Gale. It's a lot more difficult than it used to be making the 1 1/2 drive, driving to 3 different places, feeding Lucas (and us), and trying to time everything correctly so Lucas will nap in the car. Lucas is a real trooper and did great. He was so exhausted that he fell asleep before we even left dad and Gale's street. Lucas got to see even more members of the Pevzner family when Aunt Terry and Uncle Harley came to visit on Monday. He did great and showed them how he eats Cheerios in his high chair!

We were pooped from all the visiting, but still had some energy to go hiking. Steve bought this nifty, new baby backpack. Lucas smiled the whole time (until he fell asleep on Steve's back)! We'll definitely be using the backpack again soon...probably next weekend when we go apple picking.

Then Steve and Lucas signed up for a "Daddy and Me" swim class at the YMCA. We wanted Lucas to get used to the water early so he isn't afraid, plus it will be a good bonding experience between father and son. I don't know if this makes me a bad mother/wife but I'm also looking forward to an hour or so by myself.

Lucas continues to eat like a horse and we're introducing new foods every 3 days or so. The newest favorite food is Avocado. The kid can't seem to get enough!