Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy Summer

The summer has been flying by way too fast.  At the beginning of the season Lucas had a touch of Pneumonia and Sydney had a high fever (due to teething). Lucas' sickness is long gone but poor Sydney seems to keep getting new teeth daily. 

We went on our first family vacation to Story Land! Lucas absolutely loved it and Sydney got dragged along but she liked it too. Steve and I were a bit hesitant since all 4 of us shared one hotel room. The one drawback was Lucas would not sleep without us in the room. So Steve and I ended up going to bed around 9 for a few nights. But on a positive note that was the most sleep we've gotten in a while!

We also had our friend, Jenn, take some professional photos of our family and Holly's family.  The came out fantastic!  Here are just a few:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Butterfly Birthday Party

We celebrated Sydney's birthday was a butterfly themed party in our backyard.  We were a bit nervous at first since it downpourd all night and into the early morning hours.  Luckily, the sun shone through and it ended up being a fantastic day!
 Daddy and Lucas enjoying the day!
 Eli is sneaking kisses with his little cousin.
 Syd and Uncle Nate playing in the house.
 I think she enjoyed the cake :)
 Then we tried a snow cone.  Think she liked that too!
 Messy face                                      

She enjoyed opening presents but I think Lucas enjoyed it more!
My neighbor made this flower centerpiece and I added the butterfly lolipops.