Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stand and Deliver

Thursdays are a long day for everyone in the Pevznamian household. Steve leaves early (around 6:30 a.m.) for training and then goes straight to his plumbing class after work. He doesn't get to see Lucas and sometimes doesn't even see me. Without Steve, Lucas and I must fend for ourselves. This past Thursday while Lucas and I were playing on the floor, he crawled over to me, put his hands on my shoulders, and pulled himself up. My first thought was excitement and the next thought was "oh crap he is going to walk any day now." He hasn't taken his first step yet, but both Steve and I are exhausted trying to baby proof the house and make sure everything is safe. Plus we weather proofed the deck, fence and picnic table this weekend. My head is spinning and I'm hungry. That's all for now week is Halloween!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Swim class!

I did get that approval to take pictures of the swim class, so today we all went to class together. I enjoyed watching Lucas and Steve frolic in the water and liked it even more since I didn't have to swim in the cold water. Here are some pictures:

After swim class Steve decided to treat us to lunch! Let me just say it is much different going out for a surprise lunch now that it was before Lucas was born. Since it was a surprise lunch, I didn't pack anything for Lucas to eat. So, Steve had to stop at the grocery store to buy some baby food and baby spoons. We're very lucky because Lucas is a very even tempered baby and loves people watching. Other than eating his baby food he also got to drink an apple juice/water mix from daddy's cup, broccoli and carrots from mom's lunch, and mashed potatoes from daddy's lunch. He was wiped from swimming and the venture to the restaurant and is currently sound asleep for his afternoon nap!

One night last week, I dropped a wooden spoon on the kitchen floor. As soon as it hit the floor I heard the pitter-patter of a baby's crawl into the kitchen. To make a long story short, he fell in love with this spoon. It is now his favorite toy. I will have to post a picture soon to show you but it is seriously funny. He even had it at the restaurant today. Another dad looked at us while Lucas was laughing at his wooden spoon and said "milk it for all you can. It will save you thousands in toys." Ha! We're already thinking about going to the dollar store and filling his Christmas stocking with them.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Here we go!

Lucas went from crawling one step and then collapsing on his stomach to full on crawling this weekend. On Sunday morning, we put him in his play area and he took off like a bullet. He broke through his gate, crawled into the bathroom (right for the litter box), and then back to the living room. As you may have guessed, Steve and I spent the next few hours running around like mad men trying to baby proof the house. We came to a conclusion...we need more gates!

Sunday was a fun but exhausting day for the little one. Other than using his newly acquired skill, he also had swim lessons and dinner at Donna's house. Swimming class was a success again. But, this time he was more interested in the other kids and the ceiling fans rather than swimming. I am hoping to go next week to take some photos. You see they won't let you just come in and take photos. You actually have to complete a camera consent form and the director has to approve it. I filled the form and hopefully it will get approved next week! Then at Donna's house Lucas had fun chasing two kittens around. Luckily the kittens were playful and well behaved. I know he liked the kittens but I think he preferred playing with the kitty toys instead.

We've also been moving full steam ahead with the food. This weekend he tried broccoli and grapes and on deck for new foods are: whole wheat pasta, kiwi, and peach yogurt. For those of you who don't have kids you are suppose to introduce new foods one at a time for three days before starting the next food (I had no idea about this until I had Lucas). Since I started broccoli this weekend, I need to feed him a little for 3 days to see if he has an allergic reaction. If he doesn't than we are good to go and I can introduce another food.

He has also learned the skill of clapping. He gets so excited and bangs his hands together. Unfortunately, every time I get the camera out to take a picture of this - he stops and smiles. He's a sneaky little monkey.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

9 month check up

Steve took Lucas to get his 9 month check up last week. Although we sat Lucas on a scale when we went apple picking, we weren't sure how accurate the reading was considering it was meant for apples and not babies. So we were curious to see how much the doctor would tell us Lucas weighs at 9 months. He weighs 22 pounds 9 ounces and is 29 1/4 inches long! It's hard to believe but his weight is actually evening out or that he was born at only 6 pounds. The doctor didn't seem concerned with his weight, but Steve and I are concerned for our grocery bills in a few years! Lucas got a clean bill of health and the doc said he was doing great. He didn't even cry when he got his flu shot.

We can't really keep our eyes of Lucas for a second. Not because he is so stunningly beautiful but because he scoots really fast. He moves his gate and scoots out. The other day I put him in his play area and he ended up on the other side of it. Not good.

Steve thinks I'm nuts, but Lucas already has his Halloween costume. I had him try it on last week to make sure it fits and he looked adorable. I can't wait for the big day so he can show off his monkey costume (and I can get candy).

Julie and Liam visited us on Sunday. I felt bad for them because they had to wait 2 hours before Lucas got up from his nap. Lucas was so exhausted from his swim class that he slept a lot longer than usual. Steve said Lucas was kicking and moving all around the pool. The poor thing was actually falling asleep while eating lunch. Lucas never falls asleep when food is around so I knew he must have been tired. Steve and I also got a little foreshadowing into our future. Liam wanted to wrestle and play soccer with Steve. I can just picture Lucas asking the same thing in a few years.