Sunday, October 18, 2009

Swim class!

I did get that approval to take pictures of the swim class, so today we all went to class together. I enjoyed watching Lucas and Steve frolic in the water and liked it even more since I didn't have to swim in the cold water. Here are some pictures:

After swim class Steve decided to treat us to lunch! Let me just say it is much different going out for a surprise lunch now that it was before Lucas was born. Since it was a surprise lunch, I didn't pack anything for Lucas to eat. So, Steve had to stop at the grocery store to buy some baby food and baby spoons. We're very lucky because Lucas is a very even tempered baby and loves people watching. Other than eating his baby food he also got to drink an apple juice/water mix from daddy's cup, broccoli and carrots from mom's lunch, and mashed potatoes from daddy's lunch. He was wiped from swimming and the venture to the restaurant and is currently sound asleep for his afternoon nap!

One night last week, I dropped a wooden spoon on the kitchen floor. As soon as it hit the floor I heard the pitter-patter of a baby's crawl into the kitchen. To make a long story short, he fell in love with this spoon. It is now his favorite toy. I will have to post a picture soon to show you but it is seriously funny. He even had it at the restaurant today. Another dad looked at us while Lucas was laughing at his wooden spoon and said "milk it for all you can. It will save you thousands in toys." Ha! We're already thinking about going to the dollar store and filling his Christmas stocking with them.