Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stand and Deliver

Thursdays are a long day for everyone in the Pevznamian household. Steve leaves early (around 6:30 a.m.) for training and then goes straight to his plumbing class after work. He doesn't get to see Lucas and sometimes doesn't even see me. Without Steve, Lucas and I must fend for ourselves. This past Thursday while Lucas and I were playing on the floor, he crawled over to me, put his hands on my shoulders, and pulled himself up. My first thought was excitement and the next thought was "oh crap he is going to walk any day now." He hasn't taken his first step yet, but both Steve and I are exhausted trying to baby proof the house and make sure everything is safe. Plus we weather proofed the deck, fence and picnic table this weekend. My head is spinning and I'm hungry. That's all for now week is Halloween!!!!

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Anonymous said...

What a "3-some!" I laughed so hard hearing Steve sing, Lucas shakin' his bootee and Tracy calling out.

I also had an 'aha' moment...if you think the little one will tumble, throw out an object so the little one will reach out and continue standing while balancing. You guys are soooo clever and oh soo so rythmatic.

Love, Aunty Susan