Sunday, November 29, 2009

1st Thanksgiving

Lucas celebrated his first Thanksgiving with the Williams family, mommy, daddy and Grandpa Shahnamian. He actually slept through the dinner portion of Thanksgiving, but he enjoyed sitting with everyone for dessert. I have to admit it was fun picking out a cute, little outfit for him to wear for his first feast. It's hard to imagine that next Thanksgiving he will be sitting next to me eating off his own plate!

The next day we took off to New York to visit Holly and her clan. Poor Lucas has more teeth coming in, so his nose was running and he wasn't feeling too hot. With that being said, you couldn't tell he wasn't feeling well when he was with his cousins, Theo and Eli. Lucas got a kick out of watching Theo and I think Theo got a kick out of playing with "baby Lucas." After several attempts to get all the kids together for a picture, we failed. Do you know how hard it is to get a 3 year old, 11 month old and a 6 month old to sit still and look at the camera? Well, it's hard. Maybe I can capture one at Christmas time?

The hardest part of traveling with a baby is the bedtime. One of Holly's friends was kind enough to loan us her room for the night. We haven't slept with Lucas in our room since he was 4 months old, so it was a bit weird having him in the room. I was so paranoid to turn over in fear the noise of the bed would wake him up. Steve said he saw Lucas sit up a few times at night but didn't move or say anything. Hopefully he didn't inherit the sleep walking or sleep talking trait from his mamma. He woke up at his usual time (5:45) but it was so hard trying to keep him quiet, get ready, and pack up without disturbing the others in the house. Overall, Lucas is a pretty good traveler. I think it's his parents who are the ones who stress out.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Panting Like a Dog and Lawrence Welk?

Lucas has this new thing where he pants like a dog if he is really excited. It's hard to describe, so I took some video of him excited. You have to wait towards the end of the video to see it but it's worth the wait.

The tooth has finally broke through! I tried getting a picture of it but "someone" wouldn't keep his mouth open long enough. I'll keep trying!

A few months ago I had arranged for Donna to watch Lucas so Steve and I could go out on a date and get some Christmas/birthday shopping done. I was looking forward to this for a month but, of course, Steve got called into work on Saturday. It so hard to be spontaneous with a baby, but I tried. Oh well, maybe next month. On a positive note, I am pretty much done with Christmas shopping!

On a funnier note...we discovered that Lucas LOVES Lawrence Welk. You may be wondering how we found this out. Well, the other night Steve was flipping the channels trying to find a cartoon for Lucas to watch. But, Lucas doesn't really show any interest in tv. The only thing I have seen him sit still to watch are those Baby Einstein videos. Since he is only 10 1/2 months he has the attention span of a gnat....until Lawrence. When Steve was flipping the channels he came across the Lawrence Welk show. Lucas immediately dropped his toy and sat mesmerized with the tv. He must have sat there for about 15 minutes listening to the singing. Take a look at the picture of him watching the show. I have to hand it to Lucas, he always makes me laugh.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A tooth?

Lucas is 10 1/2 months old and has no teeth. I've read that the later the teeth come the better for the child, so we're not complaining. But this past week we found what seems to be the start of a tooth poking though! Maybe he'll have a tooth for his first birthday next month!??!

We live in a ranch style house so there isn't a stairwell for Lucas to practice climbing.... or falling. The only step we have in the house is from the kitchen to the dining room. Well, today Lucas discovered it. He was chasing the cat around the house and came to the step. He struggled a bit going down it but when he had to come back up, it took him a second. I wonder how many hours will be spent going up and down that stair?

Usually Steve works all weekend but this Sunday he decided to take the afternoon off and stay to have fun with us! It was such a beautiful day that the Pevznamian family walked to get lunch and then after lunch we all went for a hike! You would think Lucas enjoys being in the backpack to watch the scenery but in reality he likes hitting Steve in the back of the neck better. I hope we have a few more nice weekends like this one before the wrath of winter kicks in!
The first picture is Lucas right after his bath. Check out the curls on that kid. I probably should get him a haircut, but he's not even a year yet man! Even though he gets mistaken for a girl almost daily, I love the curls. They are not coming off without a fight.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


If you know anything about me, you know that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I was so excited this year to celebrate with my two boys. We started the day off by going to Davis Farmland with Christine and Maya. Maya looked so cute dressed up a flower, but it was so windy that we decided to wait to dress up our monkey. The highlight of Davis Farmland was Steve entering an apple pie eating contest! Although Steve didn't win, he did our family proud. I posted the video for everyone to admire.

After we arrived home, Donna and the Taft family arrived for trick or treating. As you will see by the photos Lucas did not enjoy his monkey outfit as much I did. But, it was unseasonable warm and Lucas gets hot easily. Who would have thunk it would be warm on Halloween in Massachusetts?!?!? Lucas seemed to like answering the door for all the trick or treaters though. Hmmm....what should he be next year?