Sunday, November 8, 2009

A tooth?

Lucas is 10 1/2 months old and has no teeth. I've read that the later the teeth come the better for the child, so we're not complaining. But this past week we found what seems to be the start of a tooth poking though! Maybe he'll have a tooth for his first birthday next month!??!

We live in a ranch style house so there isn't a stairwell for Lucas to practice climbing.... or falling. The only step we have in the house is from the kitchen to the dining room. Well, today Lucas discovered it. He was chasing the cat around the house and came to the step. He struggled a bit going down it but when he had to come back up, it took him a second. I wonder how many hours will be spent going up and down that stair?

Usually Steve works all weekend but this Sunday he decided to take the afternoon off and stay to have fun with us! It was such a beautiful day that the Pevznamian family walked to get lunch and then after lunch we all went for a hike! You would think Lucas enjoys being in the backpack to watch the scenery but in reality he likes hitting Steve in the back of the neck better. I hope we have a few more nice weekends like this one before the wrath of winter kicks in!
The first picture is Lucas right after his bath. Check out the curls on that kid. I probably should get him a haircut, but he's not even a year yet man! Even though he gets mistaken for a girl almost daily, I love the curls. They are not coming off without a fight.


Claire said...

Look at that hair! Evie has a little, but is pretty much bald compared to Lucas! He's so cute, Tracy. Some day we'll have to get together and introduce them to each other! xoxo

Anonymous said...
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