Sunday, January 31, 2010

13 months!

I'm not sure if Lucas is considered a toddler now, but he's 13 months old! Holly is only 13 months younger than I am and I can't fathom how my parents raised two girls that close in age. Lucas is gaining more independence, but he's still very needy. I can't even imagine having a baby born when he is this young. But, people do it and survive. Kudos to them but 13 months is too close for comfort for me.

Lucas' new thing is to climb into laundry baskets (preferably full of clothes) and hang out. I attached some pictures of him just chillin' drinking his bottle in a basket. It's funny to watch but slightly annoying when he throws the folded clothes onto the floor. He can also reach doorknobs now. I can see him getting frustrated trying to figure out how to use it. It won't be long before he's getting into rooms and destroying everything. I guess Steve and I have to work on baby proofing doors next. We'll put it on the never ending list....

Steve and I had a date night last weekend! It was nice to relax and not worry about diapers, naps, and feeding schedules. We're getting spoiled because we also got to go out this Saturday! Steve's dad, Matt, Aletta, and baby Olivia came over for dinner. Usually Steve is the cook of the Pevznamian household but I took the reigns on this one. It took me a few hours but the lasagna and meatballs came out great! Well, I think they came out great since no one complained to my face. Once dinner was over, we got to do a few errands and get some drinks. We're going out again next weekend for a party. Steve and I are living the high life!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I guess there has been trouble downloading some photos from Lucas's party. Here are a few:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Another birthday party

Steve and I (and Lucas too) shouldn't complain since last Thursday night was the first time that Lucas has ever been sick. The poor kid had a temp of 103! I stayed home from work on Friday to take care of the bugger. Even for a sick kid, he really wasn't that bad (he even slept through the night!) The temp was back to normal Friday night and he was back to his old, perky self.

After his recovery, we loaded up the car and headed to NY for Theo's 3rd birthday. Lucas enjoyed playing with the kids and having another slice of cake. He was a trooper again even after missing his afternoon nap.

We thought it was too much traveling in one day so we opted for a hotel in Brooklyn. A suite in a hotel is a bit expensive so we all stayed in one room. Since the room was so small, the Pack and Play was right next to the bed. Lucas goes to bed at 7 so Steve and I just sat still on the bed pretending to sleep. But, it was hard not to laugh. We wouldn't hear anything so we'd look over and see Lucas' little head peaking over the top. He'd see me and smile or grab Steve's leg (That's how close we were). Eventually, Lucas fell asleep and slept peacefully the whole night!

The next morning we said goodbye to Holly's fam and took off. We decided to stop and have lunch with my dad and then visit my granny. Lucas did great for being strapped down for most of the day. Steve and I are lucky to have a great kid!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Party Time!

After much preparation Lucas had his birthday party on Saturday! I took Friday off from work and Steve surprised me and did the same. It took me most of the day to bake/decorate the cake and cupcakes. Steve kept teasing me because I had lists everywhere. One list for "what to bring to the YMCA," one list for "what to buy," and one list on "what to pack the morning of the party." If you haven't held a party at another location other than your house, it's hard to imagine everything you need to bring. It's not like I could just go into my kitchen and grab a knife if I forgot one. The lists paid off because I didn't forget anything!

On Saturday morning Steve packed up the car. We had so much stuff we actually had to remove Lucas' car seat to fit it all. Luckily, Sandra was bringing Lucas to the party so he wouldn't have to ride on the roof. Then Steve posted signs so our guests would know where to drive to the lodge. The lodge was a bit set back from the YMCA and we didn't want anyone getting lost. While Steve was picking up the pizza and posting signs, I was back at the lodge setting up. I had some helpers which was key in order to set up in an hour. Steve bought this super-duper helium tank so we could blow up balloons quickly. I think that's my new favorite toy.

The party was a success! Lucas seemed to enjoy himself and we let him taste cake for the first time. We also experienced Lucas' sugar high and then his sugar crash soon after. We thought we may have to take him home during the party so he could nap. But, then he found a stroller, pushed it around, and got his second wind.

I wish I had time to talk to all the guests but I felt like I was running around all day. I also wish we could've invited more of our friends, but it wasn't meant to be this year. We're very lucky to have such good friends and family that made Lucas' first birthday party very special. As I mentioned earlier I was running around and unfortunately only took 4 pictures. But, one of our friends is a semi-professional photographer and took pictures all day. Once I get those, I will post for all to see!

Now, I get a bit of a break from party planning. I already booked Steve's 40th party in August (his birthday is in May but his party will be in August). So I have a few months to rest up.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Vacation Week

I not only love vacations because I don't have to go to work but I get to spend some quality time with Lucas. We didn't see too much of Steve this week....he worked more than 50 hours of overtime! Yes, you read that correctly. Needless to say Lucas and I did not get to see Steve much at all.

I brought Lucas to Target to get his portraits taken again. Last time I had his portraits done it was much easier. Lucas wasn't crawling so the biggest obstacle was making him smile (which really isn't that hard). The photographer had a hard time taking pictures because Lucas was on the move. He wouldn't sit still and wanted to crawl and grab everything. We did get some nice shots and this time I joined in and we actually got a couple good ones of the two of us. Since I am the one usually taking the photos, we don't have many of mama and son.

Lucas and Maya had a play date this week too. It was fun watching the two interact with each other. Plus it gave Christine and I a break from entertaining the kids. They both took a midday nap and then were raring to go for more. They were both so exhausted after the play date that they slept like rocks at night! That's music to a parents's ears.

I've been busy planning Lucas' first birthday party. It was very difficult deciding who to invite to the festivities. Because it's freezing out, we couldn't have an outdoor party and our house is much to small to accommodate little ones and parents. Steve and I rented a room at the YMCA, but it can only hold so many people. We felt bad we couldn't invite all of our friends, but it just wasn't going to work. Sorry.

One of the biggest obstacles I face, is figuring out how to bring the cake over to the YMCA. It would be much easier if I'd just buy a cake but I really want to make Lucas' first birthday cake. I'm no Martha Stewart so hopefully it turns out ok. Steve, being the MacGyver that he is, designed something for me to bring it in. Let's hope it works! Steve and I are getting to the site an hour earlier to set everything up. Luckily, Sandra is going to bring the birthday boy after he wakes up from his morning nap.

Steve said he was impressed because he thought I would "go overboard." Let me tell you it is real easy to go overboard in stores like IParty. But, I figured balloons are all the decorations we need. All Lucas needs is love for his first birthday. Wish us luck...the party is next weekend!