Sunday, January 10, 2010

Party Time!

After much preparation Lucas had his birthday party on Saturday! I took Friday off from work and Steve surprised me and did the same. It took me most of the day to bake/decorate the cake and cupcakes. Steve kept teasing me because I had lists everywhere. One list for "what to bring to the YMCA," one list for "what to buy," and one list on "what to pack the morning of the party." If you haven't held a party at another location other than your house, it's hard to imagine everything you need to bring. It's not like I could just go into my kitchen and grab a knife if I forgot one. The lists paid off because I didn't forget anything!

On Saturday morning Steve packed up the car. We had so much stuff we actually had to remove Lucas' car seat to fit it all. Luckily, Sandra was bringing Lucas to the party so he wouldn't have to ride on the roof. Then Steve posted signs so our guests would know where to drive to the lodge. The lodge was a bit set back from the YMCA and we didn't want anyone getting lost. While Steve was picking up the pizza and posting signs, I was back at the lodge setting up. I had some helpers which was key in order to set up in an hour. Steve bought this super-duper helium tank so we could blow up balloons quickly. I think that's my new favorite toy.

The party was a success! Lucas seemed to enjoy himself and we let him taste cake for the first time. We also experienced Lucas' sugar high and then his sugar crash soon after. We thought we may have to take him home during the party so he could nap. But, then he found a stroller, pushed it around, and got his second wind.

I wish I had time to talk to all the guests but I felt like I was running around all day. I also wish we could've invited more of our friends, but it wasn't meant to be this year. We're very lucky to have such good friends and family that made Lucas' first birthday party very special. As I mentioned earlier I was running around and unfortunately only took 4 pictures. But, one of our friends is a semi-professional photographer and took pictures all day. Once I get those, I will post for all to see!

Now, I get a bit of a break from party planning. I already booked Steve's 40th party in August (his birthday is in May but his party will be in August). So I have a few months to rest up.

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Anonymous said...

Yeahhhhh... what a beautiful cake with oceans of blue frosting and creatures of the sea.

Yum... and the celebration cake arrived safely to its destination. Your creativity, planning, love, and logistics are the bestest of the best! Celebrating in spirit from Los Angeles.

With love & xxx's, Aunty Susan