Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ovarian Cancer 5k

Every year Steve and I (friends too) walk or run the Ovarian Cancer 5k in honor of my mom. Since I haven't run in a while and Sydney can't go in a running stroller yet, I walked it. Steve and Lucas decided to run it and Steve came in 4th in his age group. That's not too bad considering he hadn't run since March!

Here is the newest member of Carole's Crew!

Steve and Lucas enjoying some clam chowder after their 4th place finish.

Carole's Crew 2011

Christine and Maya

The complete Pevznamian family!

This is my last week home with the kids. I start back to work full time next Wednesday. I'm filled with a lot of emotions and am hoping everything goes smoothly. I keep telling Lucas he has to look out for his sister at daycare. He just smiles and says "sista" and rubs her head. Aww..what a good big brother.