Saturday, April 30, 2011


Here are some of the highlights over the past two weeks (in no particular order).

* Lucas has transitioned into his toddler bed!

* Steve cut his stomach with a saw and had to get 9 stitches.

* Lucas figured out how to open the sliding glass door (without our knowledge). I found him playing outside one morning while I was in the bathroom.

* The main plumbing pipe broke and crap (literally) was all over our basement floor. Steve spent all weekend fixing it.

* The walls are up in the baby's room and bathroom. The painters are coming next week!

* Lucas fell at daycare and fractured his arm. He has to wear a sling for two weeks.

How have the past two weeks been for you?

Don't forget...

Saturday, April 23, 2011


It's technically spring but we haven't enjoyed much nice weather lately. Lucas and I had the week off and spent most of the time in our winter coats! Despite the cold weather we enjoyed the week with a bunch of play dates.

The house is coming along nicely. We had plaster people come today and the painters are coming next week. Lucas loves it and helps Steve will all the projects. I just want the baby's room and bathroom to be done so I can get it ready before the newest addition comes in June. Speaking of projects, poor Steve cut his stomach with a saw this week. Luckily he only needed 9 stitches and will be fine. I told him the next time we go to the emergency room better be to deliver the baby. I don't want to be bringing him or Lucas there anymore!

I've also been looking for a used bassinet for the baby. We didn't use one for Lucas but I think it will be easier to have the baby in a small bassinet rather than the Pack N Play in our bedroom. I'm always a bit skeptical to go to someones house when buying off Craigslist. So, Christine offered to drive to the place and wait outside with Lucas and her two girls. I had he number on speed dial just in case. But,everything worked out great. The bassinet was in great shape and the seller wasn't a serial killer. Win, win!

Steve and I couldn't decide which lovies to buy for the new baby. I was thinking of a giraffe but Steve wanted a tiger. So, we compromised and bought monkeys. Aren't they cute?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hospital Visit and Demo

The day after I posted last, Steve brought Lucas to the doctors. The poor thing just couldn't keep anything down and was sleeping a lot. The doc weighed him and found he lost 10% of his body weight so he had to be admitted to the hospital. Lucas was a trooper with the IV and being poked and prodded. They only allow one parent to stay overnight so Lucas and I shared a hospital bed. The poor thing had an IV in one arm and his 6 month pregnant mother on the other side. Luckily the medicine kicked in and we were discharged the next day. Of course, I knew he was feeling better once he smiled at me and dumped his Cheerios all over the floor and then turned on the shower and sprayed the entire bathroom. I hope the next time I am in the hospital is to deliver baby number 2! So, we got discharged on Saturday but couldn't stay at our house. We are putting in a third bedroom and remodeling our bathroom. Steve and his buddies were there demolishing most of the house. All I wanted to do was take a shower (we had no bathroom) and take a nap (there was too much noise). Luckily our friends, Donna and Joe took us in for the night.

Lucas has bounced back quite quickly and loves the house. He keeps asking "What happened?" and then asks "broken?" I just say we are fixing the house so it looks nice and it is OK if things are broken. I'll post pictures soon of the remodeling work but it is coming along great.