Saturday, December 17, 2011


This year Lucas is really into Christmas and Santa. Last year when I brought Lucas to see Santa he screamed bloody murder and jumped off Santa's lap. This year was a different story! When the elf unhooked the ribbon to walk down the aisle to see Santa, Lucas tore down the aisle and leaped into Santa's arms. I know I'm a little partial since he's my son, but it was really darn cute. Here's the pic we got from the moment.

After that class picture we got another one....

I can't tell you how many pictures my family has with me making the same expression as Lucas. I guess he was all smiled out after the first picture.

On another note...Sydney has started eating baby food and has rolled over!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


After 99 years my granny passed away a few weeks ago. It was sad to see her go but at least she is with her daughter now.

I have so many memories with granny:

  • She was the one who taught me to put butter and then jelly on toast. Try it - it's delicous!

  • When my mom asked her to clean the decanter set, she would drink all the wine in it and then polish it. Sometimes Holly and I would be lucky enough to get a sip.

  • I always gave her my marshmallow peeps from my Easter basket. I never liked them but my mom always gave them to me and I would just hand them over to granny.

  • She's always buy a huge tin of flavored popcorn on Christmas Eve. I always devoured the caramel side.

  • Granny was the one who held me as we both watched my mom die.

  • She loved when I brought her those nutritious Honey Buns.

    • I'm grateful I had so many years with her and she was able to meet Sydney and Lucas. Miss you granny.

      Thursday, December 1, 2011


      Sydney celebrated her first Thanksgiving with her family in Agawam. I have to admit it was quite fun dressing her in a cute dress, tights, and hair clip. I told Steve I had been waiting my whole life for it! Lucas had a blast destroying my dad's house and playing with his partners in crime, Theo and Eli.

      I finally couldn't take waking up every two hours with Sydney so I tried sleep training a few weeks ago. For those of you who are lucky enough not to know about sleep training, it is basically a few days of hell while the baby cries at night. However, the outcome is fantastic because the baby learns how to soothe herself at night and therefore sleeps longer. It took Sydney a few days but now she is doing great. She goes into her crib at 7 and wakes up around 4 for a feeding and then gets up around 6. You may not think waking up at 4 is fantastic but compared to waking up every 2 hours, I'll take it.

      Lucas has been continuing his mischievous ways. Steve had to put a lock on the snack cabinet after I found him eating a sleeve of Fig Newtons. A few nights later while I walked out of the baby's room I found Lucas eating a bag of frozen peaches. He had opened the freezer, crawled on a chair, grabbed scissors on the top shelf of our desk, and cut open the bag of peaches. I'm not quite sure if I should feel proud or annoyed.