Saturday, December 10, 2011


After 99 years my granny passed away a few weeks ago. It was sad to see her go but at least she is with her daughter now.

I have so many memories with granny:

  • She was the one who taught me to put butter and then jelly on toast. Try it - it's delicous!

  • When my mom asked her to clean the decanter set, she would drink all the wine in it and then polish it. Sometimes Holly and I would be lucky enough to get a sip.

  • I always gave her my marshmallow peeps from my Easter basket. I never liked them but my mom always gave them to me and I would just hand them over to granny.

  • She's always buy a huge tin of flavored popcorn on Christmas Eve. I always devoured the caramel side.

  • Granny was the one who held me as we both watched my mom die.

  • She loved when I brought her those nutritious Honey Buns.

    • I'm grateful I had so many years with her and she was able to meet Sydney and Lucas. Miss you granny.

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