Monday, January 18, 2010

Another birthday party

Steve and I (and Lucas too) shouldn't complain since last Thursday night was the first time that Lucas has ever been sick. The poor kid had a temp of 103! I stayed home from work on Friday to take care of the bugger. Even for a sick kid, he really wasn't that bad (he even slept through the night!) The temp was back to normal Friday night and he was back to his old, perky self.

After his recovery, we loaded up the car and headed to NY for Theo's 3rd birthday. Lucas enjoyed playing with the kids and having another slice of cake. He was a trooper again even after missing his afternoon nap.

We thought it was too much traveling in one day so we opted for a hotel in Brooklyn. A suite in a hotel is a bit expensive so we all stayed in one room. Since the room was so small, the Pack and Play was right next to the bed. Lucas goes to bed at 7 so Steve and I just sat still on the bed pretending to sleep. But, it was hard not to laugh. We wouldn't hear anything so we'd look over and see Lucas' little head peaking over the top. He'd see me and smile or grab Steve's leg (That's how close we were). Eventually, Lucas fell asleep and slept peacefully the whole night!

The next morning we said goodbye to Holly's fam and took off. We decided to stop and have lunch with my dad and then visit my granny. Lucas did great for being strapped down for most of the day. Steve and I are lucky to have a great kid!

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