Monday, September 14, 2009

Run, daddy, run!

Lucas ran (well, got pushed) in his first 5k! Steve and I have been running the Ovarian Cancer 5k in South Boston for the past 9 years and this year we had a great group joining us. Steve did awesome and finished 6th in his age group and 27th overall. It's pretty impressive but what is even more impressive is that Steve hadn't run in months and he was pushing our 22 pound turkey. Apparently, when Steve was passing other runners Lucas would giggle. It's probably not the best thing to hear while being passed by someone pushing a baby, but it is funny. I didn't do too shabby either and finished 17th in my age group.

Lucas is also perfecting the backwards crawl/waddle. He is pushing himself around but hasn't quite pushed himself up on all fours yet. The other day I put him on his play mat, went to get something, came back and he had scooted into the middle of the living room. He just looked up and laughed. He does a lot of that lately!

He's also doing great on using a sippy cup. I've heard from other mothers to introduce the cup early so he's not struggling at a year to drink. Lucas will pretty much grab the cup and guzzle whatever liquid we put in it. Maybe he is getting ready for college early?

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