Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another concert

I was lucky (yes, lucky) enough to score some last minute tickets to the New Kids on the Block concert in Boston. I dragged my friend Julie to check out some die hard NKOTB fans, crazy souvenirs, and 5 cute boys from Beantown singing. They definitely put on a great show and sang all their favorites (closing the show with Hanging Tough). I loved watching these chicks who were wearing clothes like "I'll be your covergirl Donnie" or even worse, wearing those huge ass pins with their favorite New Kid on it. These girls were my age too. I'm not that bad, right?

I remember my mom and dad driving Holly and I to Lake Compounce in '89 to see the New Kids in concert. Holly and I were singing along and having a great time. Nineteen years later I was still singing along and had a smile on my face the entire time. Too bad Holly missed it (next time Hol). As my sister noted earlier, "What are you reliving the summer of '89 this year?" Yes, as a matter of fact I am and I loved every minute of it. Hopefully the baby will be a fan of Bon Jovi, Poison and New Kids - just like mama!

Since I knew I would get flack from Holly if I posted a picture of New Kids on the Block, here is a pic of my belly at 25 weeks.


Beth said...

This does not surprise me knowing what a fan you were in our younger years! Admit it, you bought a huge NKOTB pin!

Jim and Claire said...

NKOTB were my FIRST concert. Still, despite that, I would never go see them now. :-D