Thursday, September 18, 2008


Even though I work with children, our school maternity leave sucks. I basically get 6 weeks off (unpaid) and if I want more than that I need a doctor's note saying I am medically unable to return to work. I can use my sick days (for the six weeks and if I get a doctor's note) but once I run out of sick days I won't get paid. I figured that won't be so bad since I can just take another month off and save enough money to pay the mortgage, bills, etc. Well, it's not that easy. If I take any time unpaid my salary will be readjusted to reflect that. Basically, I will get paid less throughout the rest of the year. It kind of stinks that I have not taken a sick days in 3 years and still won't have enough time to even spend 3 months with the baby.

I met with a woman in HR today to figure out how much my salary will be adjusted if I take 1 to 4 weeks off. It comes down to this: Steve and I may be able to survive if I take 1 or 2 weeks unpaid but not anything more. Maybe we should just move to Europe. They give new moms about 9 month off..paid!

Holly asked for another belly shot. Here it is at 23 weeks.

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