Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another Summer Concert

Some friends and I ventured into Boston Thursday night to see Poison, Dokken and Sebastian Bach in concert. Some of you may be laughing at this point, but this is my 3rd time seeing Poison and they put on a great show! This concert was no exception. Plus, even if you don't really like the music it is great for people watching. I always get a good chuckle from watching people wear clothes that they probably wore when they saw Poison in concert in 1987.

Anyway, one of my friends at the concert told me that I should pick a song to start playing daily for the baby. She explained that her sister played a Dave Matthews song everyday while she was pregnant. After the baby was born she continued to listen to the same song. When the baby got upset she put in that song and the baby cooed and stopped crying. Now that the baby can talk he actually requests "number 8" on the cd. This is a brilliant idea but now I have to figure out what song to start playing to hopefully calm our baby down. Check out the poll and feel free to send any other suggestions our way!


Holly said...

Before I looked at the poll I thought, "Oh, lord. It's going to be 'Talk Dirty To Me,'" isn't it?! NOT lulaby material, woman! = )

hmsacks said...

I really like Piano Man.

Just remember, when you have to play it to calm the baby (and maybe you too!), you will be listening to it day in & day out.
Choose well! Good luck.

Aunty Terry

Susan Chien said...

Those songs are terrible! Absolutely terrible! How about "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John? Children love whistling.

Oh yeah, I totally just made up that stereotype.