Monday, December 28, 2009

Two birthdays and Christmas

This has been an extremely busy week in the Pevzamian household. Lucas' birthday was last Tuesday, my birthday was last Thursday, and, of course, Christmas was Friday!

Let's start with Lucas' first birthday! I can't believe how fast the year went and how much Lucas has changed. Steve took the day off work to spend the day with his son. They went shopping at the mall and went out to lunch. When I got home from work, Lucas opened his presents and we sang "Happy Birthday" to him. Take a look at the video - we stuck his candle in a baked potato! Yes, Steve and I try to eat somewhat healthy but don't worry Lucas will have cake at his birthday party!

My birthday was 2 days later and Steve took us out to a Japanese restaurant. Lucas had a great time trying to pass food to the gentleman sitting in the next booth. Luckily, he liked kids and got a kick out of Lucas passing his edamame to him.

Poor Steve is on call the entire week of Christmas to New Years. So, if there is a plumbing emergency Steve needs to leave (no matter the time). He got his first call at midnight and didn't get home until 4 in the morning on Christmas. Lucas and I (more me than him) were very excited to open gifts but we waited for Steve to join in the fun. Finally we opened gifts and Lucas had no idea what was going on. Then Steve's beeper went off again. To make a long story short Steve was gone most of Christmas, the entire next day, and most of Sunday. We already agreed that he will NOT be on call next Christmas.

Sandra's family, Steve's dad, plus the William's family came over for dessert on Christmas. Lucas was spoiled again with lots of great stuff. My family came over on Sunday to celebrate the birthdays (my dad's birthday is the 29th) and the holiday. Poor Steve cooked an incredible dinner but had to stuff it in to go out on another call. Despite that, Lucas enjoyed spending time with Grandpa and Grammy Pevzner, and Auntie Holly, Uncle Nate and his two cousins, Theo and Eli. He woke up around 9 at night and I think he had a stomachache from eating about a pound of mashed potatoes. The boy likes his carbs!
More to come later....

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Anonymous said...

Although Mr. Potato Head was born on May 1952, your interesting accessory—“a First Birthday candle” – made me laugh! Happy Birthday to all of you, Decemberists,--Steven P, Tracy P and Lucas P! Sending warmest of wishes and love, Aunty Susan.