Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Bottle and a Haircut

Two pretty huge things occurred this week:
1. Lucas finally is holding his own bottle.
2. I finally gave in and got his haircut.

The holding the bottle thing is huge. Now, in the morning I can put him in the Exosaucer, hand him a bottle, and he will drink it. I used to have to hold him, give him his bottle, and eat my breakfast at the same time. I am a pretty good multitasker but it was getting tough in the mornings to get out the door on time.

On Saturday, I finally gave in and took Lucas to get his haircut. There is a place in Framingham that specializes in haircuts for kids. We grabbed Lucas' favorite wooden spoon and headed out the door. When we arrived a very nice receptionist told us we would have to wait about 15 minutes. It really wasn't that big of a deal and Lucas enjoyed looking in the mirror. Finally we were called and Steve carried Lucas to the chair while I followed holding all the bags. Since it was his first haircut I was a bit nervous and explained I only wanted it cleaned up so his hair wasn't in his eyes. She then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to pay $4.95 for his picture taken. I politely refused since I brought my own camera. She sighed, made no effort to be friendly to my little one, and just looked at Steve and said "hold his head." To make matters worse, another hairdresser walked by and told us we had a "gorgeous little girl."

I know it is difficult to cut a child's hair but let's make some effort to be friendly/goofy/fun to a baby. When she was finally done and his bangs were all uneven she walked us to the front to pay. While the receptionist was ringing us up, the hairdresser was hanging out at the cash register. I handed her a tip, she said thanks, and walked away.

I learned a couple of things:
1. If you want customers to return you should make a bit of an effort.
2. I could have probably cut Lucas' hair myself for a lot less money.
3. When you have curly hair, the screw up haircuts don't make much of a difference.

On another note...he is going to be 1 on Tuesday!!! I can't believe how fast the year went by. I'm excited to celebrate with him on Tuesday and to really celebrate with his birthday party in January. But, a part of me is a bit sad that the fist year went by so fast and I guess now he is considered a toddler. Steve thinks I'm nuts but you moms out there know what I am talking about..right?

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