Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Poem by Lucas

Lucas wrote this poem to describe our last two weeks.

Wanna hear what I've been up to for the last 14 days?
We've been so busy that most of it is just a haze.
Instead of using the phone,
Mommy brought me to see great-granny in the nursing home.
She was so happy to see me.
And kept calling me "her little cutie!"
Then we were off to see grandpa and grammy Gale for lunch.
You should have seen this rowdy bunch.
Uncle Nate, Aunt Holly, Theo, and Eli were there.
Theo taught me to look out the window at snow and stare.

On Sunday we drove to Burlington.
Jeannie and Michael had a holiday party and it was so much fun!
I got to play with Truman the dog
And try to eat the food scraps on the floor just like a hog.
Wanna know what my daddy did?
I didn't see my toys and I thought my daddy got rid.
But, he made me a playroom.
Another room where I can zoom!

You might think I would have fought.
when mommy took me to get the Swine Flu shot.
It went off without a hitch -
I didn't even flinch.

Mommy had to go to work the next night.
Telling parents their kids were a delight.
Mommy's friend, Brenda, put me to bed.
"What a great little boy" that's what she said!

The next afternoon I thought we were going to a party for me.
But, one of mommy's friends is a having a baby.
I thought we left too soon,
All the women loved how I played with my wooden spoon.

Yesterday we met Richard and Brendan at Not Your Average Joe's to eat.
I had some broccoli, pears, and bread to eat.
Our neighbor George and Papa came over at night,
Daddy made them stay for a bite.
George finished my birthday invite.
My parents thought it was out of sight!
Pretty soon I'll be one.
Won't that be fun?

Hope you liked my poem
'Cause tonight we're going to Jason's home.
Think my parents will ever rest?
Probably not - they just want me to have the best!

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