Monday, August 17, 2009

Water, water!

It has been great being with Lucas all summer and seeing the wonderful changes. Can you believe he will be 8 months on Saturday? Neither can we. Since Lucas has been sitting up, we decided he needs to move to the house bathtub. I wasn't sure how he would like it, but he ended up loving it. Speaking of water..we also took him to Walden Pond for the first time. Granted the parking lot was full so Steve, Lucas and I had to sneak through a wooded trail to get in. Instead of calling it sneaking in and breaking rules, we prefer to think of it as a lesson in perseverance. Lucas LOVED it. Take a look at the video of him splashing around. Steve is hoping he is a future triathlete!

We also introduced the boy to Cheerios. To our disbelief, Lucas didn't care for them. We figured he would eat anything we put within a 3 foot radius, but apparently not. Who would've known?

In other big news, Lucas has finally graduated from the infant car seat to the convertible one. He seems to enjoy the new plush seating.

That's about it for now. Two more weeks until school starts :(

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