Monday, August 10, 2009

BBQ Fun!

After many weeks of running around, Steve and I finally pulled off the summer bbq. It is always great to see so many of our friends/family in one place. Lucas especially loved hanging out with everyone. So many of the guests commented to us on how Lucas is a such a happy baby. It is really true. He laughed, giggled and played with everyone. I was a bit concerned since he only took a 1/2 hour afternoon nap, but he was too overstimulated to leave the party. I guess he thought he might miss something.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Lucas has been rolling over and waking up at night. I finally bought crib bumpers to see if that would help. They did seem to help and last night Lucas was back to his old self and slept through the night!

So far August has been an eventful month..he starting waving bye, air clapping, rolling over, sitting up, and babbling a lot more. Lucas is also starting to get the rocking motion that babies do before they start moving. As soon as he can move, we're in trouble!

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