Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hungry Monkey

Since Lucas doesn't really care for Cheerios, I've been trying to figure out what to feed him. He does love mashed bananas, but there are only so many bananas one can eat! I decided to order a book so I can figure out what are some healthy and safe foods to feed him. We found some teething biscuits to practice chewing and it entertains him for a bit. The downfall...it is a huge mess and I find bits of it all over the place (including his diaper)!

I start school next week, so Lucas has been visiting Auntie Sandra for day care. I was nervous that he would be over stimulated and wouldn't follow his nap schedule anymore. But, Lucas did awesome! He is sticking to his nap schedule and he's still sleeping through the night. If this were around Christmas I would call it a Christmas miracle!

Steve is off today and we are taking a family trip to my school and then off to Ashland State Park to enjoy the water.

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