Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cantaloupe good, Sand not so good

Since Lucas seems to love the water we took him to Hopkinton State Park for an afternoon. This is where Lucas discovered sand. He proceeded to put sand in his mouth, nose, diaper, etc. I think this is foreshadowing for the coming years where Lucas puts everything in his mouth. But he also tried cantaloupe this week and liked it!

I finally gave in to peer pressure and took Lucas to get his professional photos done. When the photographer saw Lucas the first comment out of her mouth was "awesome, crazy hair. I love it." Then she called her other photography friends over to check out Lucas's curly hair. After the oohing and ahhing Lucas was ready for the spotlight! He did really well and the pictures came out great. Of course, they wanted me to spend a boat load of money and were probably disappointed that I didn't spend hundreds of dollars. I ordered a few and will probably bring him back when he is a year old. Even though Steve didn't want me to get them done (he was probably worried I would mortgage the house to pay for all the photos), I think he was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the pics and that I didn't buy (spend) a ton.

Other news...Lucas has officially stopped nursing. I needed to ween him off before school started. I was a bit sad, but Lucas couldn't have cared less. As long as he's fed, he's happy and he doesn't care who is giving it to him. My baby is growing up so fast :(

Steve, Donna, Joe and I went to Cirque Du Soleil on Saturday night. It was nice to have a night out! And, Lucas didn't make a peep for the babysitter! I don't think we're doing too bad for having an 8 month old. We've already gone out at night a few times, where some new parents don't get to go out for a year!

School starts tomorrow so wish us luck!

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