Monday, February 2, 2009

Auntie Holly

We had a nice visit this weekend from Auntie Holly! I consider myself to be pretty organized but Holly has a knack for making places look better. She moved some things around in the baby's room and made things more convenient for Steve and I. For instance, every time Steve and I gave Lucas a bath I would run around getting the towels, washcloths, baby soap, lotion, etc. Holly put all the bath items in a caddy in the closet. Now all I have to do is take out the caddy instead of running around like a maniac. She's a genius!

Lucas had his first meltdown in public at Babies R Us this weekend too. I had feared that people would give me dirty looks, Lucas wouldn't stop and it would be a big mess. Luckily they have a mother's room so I could feed and change him comfortably. Holly reassured me that the meltdown wasn't that bad and that your child's cry always seems louder to the parents than by others. I'm actually a bit relieved he had his first "meltdown" in public. Once you get through it once, it doesn't seem that scary the next time.

Check out some pictures from the weekend. Lucas had his second play date with Michael.

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