Sunday, February 15, 2009


On the 13th, Lucas and I ventured to my school to see my co-workers and my students. I can't speak for Lucas, but I was excited to have an adult conversation and see everyone again. When I think about it, I see the other teachers more than I see my own family. They are pretty much my second family and they were just as excited to meet Lucas as anyone.

I felt like Barack Obama walking into school: kids were clapping, teachers were hugging me and everyone was smiling. It took about 5 seconds until one of the teachers washed her hands and snatched Lucas away. I was a little nervous about seeing my class since I hadn't been there in 2 months I wasn't sure if I would remember their names. I did remember their names and I told them I would be back next month. Some even bought me Valentines. Ahh..

While at school, I talked with another teacher who is breastfeeding her 4 month old. I asked her how she is pumping at work and if she had any advice. She was pumping in the occupational therapy room until the janitor walked in on her (the doors don't lock). Since then she has been sequestered to use a closet (but the doors lock). So, when I go back to work next month I will be sitting in a closet for 20 minutes so Lucas can eat. It seems a little barbaric to me, but there aren't any other solutions.

Steve, Lucas and I went to a great Greek restaurant for Valentine's Day. Lucas was great throughout the entire dinner and waited to go into a hissy fit until we left. Thanks Luke! It was nice to spend the first official holiday together as a family. To make the holiday even better Steve gave me a gift certificate to a salon and also watched Lucas so I could go to the gym. I am not sure which gift I liked better!

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