Monday, February 9, 2009

Meeting Great Granny

On Sunday we took Lucas to Agawam to meet his great granny, great Aunt Elaine and visit Grammy Gale and grandpa. My granny is 96 (soon to be 97 in April), legally blind and in a nursing home. It breaks my heart to see her there but it is what is best for her at this point in her life. Lucas was a trooper and slept in his great granny's arms for a long time. We could tell it made her day to hold him and even better that he didn't cry. He'll never remember that day but he made granny (and his parents) very happy!

Somehow Steve convinced my father that he should change Lucas's diaper. Being the supportive family that we are, we all grabbed our cameras to watch the comedy routine that would follow. Dad tried his best, but had a difficult time figured out the tabs. At one point he had the diaper on sideways and all the while Lucas sitting patiently (although he kept looking over at me and probably asking when it would end). Steve jumped in at the end to end the event but kudos to dad for attempting. He'll get it next time.

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