Sunday, December 7, 2008

Work Shower!

Friday was my work shower! My co-worker, Donna, hosted the festivities and she really out did herself. I kept making excuses to Steve in case not many people showed up: it may small, people may not want to drive to Donna's house, they already went to another baby shower a few weeks ago, etc. To our surprise, Donna's house was packed! Some people I expected since we talk everyday and some people impressed me with showing up. I even had 2 male co-workers show up (they never went to the other showers)! When someone asked why they came to a baby shower they replied, "Well, it's Tracy. Of course we'd go to her shower." Ahh, isn't that sweet?

We got so many great gifts. I think our child will be clothed for the next 6 months thanks to the school. Of course we got a bunch of great books, since teachers know the importance of books. Steve was also quite happy that we got the baby monitor and the humidifier.

I'm really lucky to work with such great people. Kudos go out to Donna and her husband, Joe, for hosting a terrific party/shower. It exceeded my expectations! Thank you :)

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