Sunday, December 14, 2008


We (Steve, baby and I) had a busy week. I was planning on updating the site sooner but time just ran away. On Thursday, I got my (hopefully) final ultrasound. The baby weighs 5 pounds and apparently has everything it is supposed to have. The only concerning thing to me was the baby has not turned yet to get ready to exit into the world of reality tv, the first African American president, pizza delivery, etc. All the moms I talked to said not to worry about it and the baby still has a month to turn. One of my co-workers told me when she was pregnant her baby didn't turn and 2 weeks before her due date the doctor scheduled a c-section. A day before the c-section the baby turned and was delivered naturally. Steve keeps talking to the belly telling him/her to do a somersault to get ready. Who knows maybe that will work too!
We also worked on the baby's room and it is pretty much complete. It is hard to tell from the attached photo but we put up a decal right above the crib. These decal things are great for non artistic people like myself. It's like a big, fun sticker.

Here are 2 quotes of the week:

Quote 1 from one of my 3rd graders: "Ms. Pevzner did you have your baby yet?"

Quote 2 from a former student I taught in Japan: " I think that the baby must be cute because the baby is your child."


Beth said...

don't worry, it'll turn when it's ready, at 5 pounds, they're not ready to come out anyway!

Susan Chien said...

Wow, that baby's room still looks kinda bare. You know what would really spruce it up? Some animal paintings.

Sorry about the delay! Hopefully once I'm done with my freelance job, I can work on them for you guys.