Sunday, December 21, 2008

A+ for effort

You may be wondering what this picture is all about. To make a long story short I am trying to get the baby to turn in order to avoid being sliced open like a ripe watermelon on a hot summers day (aka avoid a c-section). My doctor wanted me to schedule a c-section on January 4th (a week before my due date) since the baby is still breech. I told her I want to wait until my due date of January 13th before making any decisions. There is still a chance the baby will turn you know! So thanks to some informative friends, I have been trying different things to get this baby to move and that's where the picture comes in. One of the techniques I read about is placing something cold on my belly where the baby's head is and placing something hot where the baby's head is suppose to be. The hope is that the baby will turn away from the coldness and toward the heat. I've been doing this plus several other things to help the baby (I haven't stood on my head yet though). Steve and I figured we at least have to try everything to get this baby to turn. If none of it works, so be it, but at least the baby can say mommy and daddy get an A+ for effort.

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Anonymous said...

12-22-08 Mon.@ 9:00 PM (PST) from Los Angeles, CA. Just learned via email..CONGRATULATIONS! Mazeltov.. Oh my gosh...You tried everything as I see from this pix. Many happy days to the new Mom, the new Dad & the new bundle of joy- LUKAS CHARTER! Early morning arrival @ 6:30 AM (EST)is amazing!!
Love, Aunty Susan