Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So Sweet!

Two parents of my students asked if they could come in yesterday to do a project with my class. I assumed they wanted to do some Thanksgiving project like making a paper plate turkey or something. When the parents arrived they asked if I would mind leaving the room for a half hour. After about an hour, one of my students found me and asked me to come back. When I walked in the room all 22 of the students were holding a sweet, animal blanket for the baby. All of them tied the strings surrounding the blanket!

They also made me cards. Here is one of them and I am quoting so there are spelling mistakes.

"My Teacher is Mrs. Pevzner She is a nice Teacher and is haveing a baby and I thik the baby is going to be a boy and its going to be very qute just like Mrs. Pevzner."


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