Sunday, November 16, 2008


We made a lot of progress this weekend in the baby's room. We wanted to add an overhead light and Steve thought it should take less than an hour. Poor Steve (and his dad) because it took them over 4 hours to finish it. Apparently the previous owner of the house did a crappy job with the electrical system so Steve had to fix it. The good news is that the baby's room is coming along.

We also finished our childbirth education class on Tuesday. The last homework assignment was to bring in a bag of sensory items to use during labor. For example, you could bring in a photo to concentrate on or your favorite chapstick for your sense of taste. I had a hard time with this assignment because I am pretty sure I won't use any of that stuff. It's just not me. So, I brought in my IPod and small baby toy that may help me get through. Steve and I both snickered at this one woman who brought in food for her sensory items. I think I mentioned her in a previous post. She was the one who kept asking if she could eat during labor. Well, for this assignment she brought in Doritos, crackers, etc. She said it would satisfy her sense of taste. I think the instructor burst her bubble again when she informed the pregnant woman (again) that she couldn't eat during labor. Then her husband piped in and said "But I can, right?" Priorities people!

Here are some pics of the baby's room:

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