Saturday, April 30, 2011


Here are some of the highlights over the past two weeks (in no particular order).

* Lucas has transitioned into his toddler bed!

* Steve cut his stomach with a saw and had to get 9 stitches.

* Lucas figured out how to open the sliding glass door (without our knowledge). I found him playing outside one morning while I was in the bathroom.

* The main plumbing pipe broke and crap (literally) was all over our basement floor. Steve spent all weekend fixing it.

* The walls are up in the baby's room and bathroom. The painters are coming next week!

* Lucas fell at daycare and fractured his arm. He has to wear a sling for two weeks.

How have the past two weeks been for you?

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Anonymous said...

OMG! Saw this posting while visting Aunty Terry in Wilmington, NC for 2 weeks (4/22 to 5/08).

Still couldn't believe your week! What troopers you are. Doyouthink the 'apple doesn't fall from the tree?'...Lucas looks too happy with his arm in a brace..and his Dad, Stephen,...took a slice of his life in the stomach!!

Take very good care of yourselves--Sending hugs & luv, Aunty Susan.