Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but with the 1 hour of down time I get a day writing a post gets pushed down the list of priorities. But, we've had some excitement over the last few weeks.

1. Lucas took 3 steps on his own the other day! He loves the whole side-step while holding on to furniture thing but not a huge fan of just using his legs to get around. We're not rushing it though, once this kid can walk he is simply going to run.

2. The Pevznamian family has gone to a couple of restaurants without bringing Lucas any food. We used to have to chop up table food and bring baby food. It was a big production. Now, Steve and I usually order something that we know he can eat and share with him. As you may have guessed..he loves it! For Valentine's Day we went to a great Greek restaurant in town and Lucas devoured most of Steve's lamb kabobs.

3. He tried peanut butter for the first time and, of course, loved it. The doc told us to hold off until he was a year to try this good stuff. We gave a Lucas a small, spoon filled with it and he was licking the spoon clean.

4. He has officially stopped using bottles and is only using sippy cups. I thought this transition would be a bit more difficult but he didn't even seemed phased by it. Hopefully all the upcoming transitions will go just as smoothly.

5. Lucas has broken just about every child proof lock we put in the house. They either don't work or he just pulls them apart. Steve decided instead of spending more money he would just make them. He carved some wood and stuck it between the handles. Unless Lucas learns karate anytime soon, there is no way he can break the wood. Right?

6. Steve and I starting throwing the ball to Lucas. At first he would just watch it go by but now he tries to stop it and he throws it back. Maybe we have a future baseball player on our hands?!?!?

7. Craigslist has become our new best friend. For those of you who don't know what Craigslist is, it is an online site where people sell their used stuff. Since spring is right around the corner we looked into buying a sandbox and swing set at Target. Now Target has reasonable prices but, man, they were expensive. So we decided to look on Craigslist for used outdoor stuff instead. Our luck paid off and we got a cute frog sandbox with a cover for $5 and a swing set with slide (which retails for $500) for only $80! Now all we need is the warm weather.

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