Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Diving or Sushi?

The other day Steve and I were trying to get ready for the next day. We both had a ton of stuff to do, so Steve suggested we put Lucas in front of the fish tank. Maybe the bright lights, colorful fish and the humming sound of the filter would entertain him. You know what?!? It did! We were in the other room and all we could hear were kicking of legs and some cooing. Lucas was smiling, staring at the fish. Every time a fish would swim by he would kick his legs and try to talk with the fish. Trust me it was adorable.

Steve thinks this is a sign that he will like scuba diving. I think it is a sign that he will like sushi. We'll have to wait a few years to see who was right.


Holly said...

Maybe it's a sign he'll love TV. Your fish tank is an old set, yes?


Tracyp said...

Ha! Let's hope we don't have a "sit on your butt and watch tv all day" kid.