Sunday, March 29, 2009

Work, Visitors and Exhaustion

Sorry for the delay in posting but being back at work has exhausted me. I've been back to work for a week and half and it's getting better. We now have our nighttime and morning routines which seem to be working (at least I get to work on time.) In case you're interested here's what I do at night:

  • play with Lucas
  • get diaper bag ready for the next day
  • take breast milk out of freezer and put in fridge
  • pick out clothes for Lucas and pack them
  • pick out my clothes and iron them
  • make my lunch
  • get breast pump ready
  • take shower and/or eat dinner
  • put Lucas to bed
  • collapse from exhaustion

I guess it's really not that interesting, but that's what we do. Steve helps by loading up the car in the morning so I don't have to make 2 or 3 trips. Lucas and I leave at 7 in the morning, get to Sandra's at 7:30, and then I'm off to work to get there by 8. I haven't been late yet so I guess our routine is working.

Last weekend Holly, Nate and Theo (and dad, Gale and Nate's parents) came to visit. It was great seeing everyone one last time before their little boy joins the world. It was also fun to see Theo interact with his little cousin. I can just imagine family get togethers in a few years with the 3 little boys running around. I'll put Steve in charge of watching them!

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