Friday, April 23, 2010

A 26 Pounder

Lucas had his 15 month appointment on Wednesday (even though he's 16 months). The doc said he was healthy and could tell Lucas had a good appetite! Lucas weighs 26 pounds (75th percentile) and is 31 inches long (50th percentile). Lucas uses sippy cups all day but I still give him a bottle at night. Not because he needs one to fall asleep, but because I am paranoid and think he doesn't get enough milk. The doctor assured me that he will drink less milk through the sippy cup but he's getting enough. The good news: I stopped giving him a bottle at night and he did just fine. At times Steve and I are more nervous about transitions than Lucas. Lucas usually adapts pretty well, it's his parents that have to work on it. Before Lucas was born I told Steve that I hoped the baby wouldn't be a tv watcher/couch potato but would like the outdoors. Steve said I should be careful what I wished for! Well, my wish has come true. Lucas wakes up around 6 and he grabs my hand and walks to the door. That is his way of telling me that he wants to go outside. It is proceeded with me running around trying to get dressed, feed him breakfast, and get out the door before he breaks down. We have spent pretty much all week outside. He loves his new sandbox and swing set. But, most of all he is curious as to what the neighbors (or anyone on the street) is doing. He grabs my hand and walks over to our neighbor's yards. Most people like talking to Lucas and I'm pretty sure I am going to get calls from Lucas' teacher telling me he is a social butterfly.

Steve was helping out our neighbors directly behind us last weekend. Poor Lucas loves being with his daddy and gets sad when Steve leaves. Since you could see Steve working on the neighbor's house, Lucas crawled on a toolbox, looked out the window, waved to Steve, and yelled dadda off and on all afternoon. I thought it was super cute.

Steve bought Lucas a plastic, blue chair that he found in an Asian market. Lucas loves it! For the 3 minutes a day he actually sits down (not counting meal times), he parks it right on the blue chair.
He also learned how to open the cabinet, take out a Nurti-grain bar, open it, and eat it. One night after dinner he was playing around in the kitchen and then is was too quiet. When I went in, Lucas was nibbling on a bar. He starting throwing a fit because he thought I would take it away from him. I just wanted to open the whole a bit bigger so he wasn't pushing the bar through a 2 millimeter whole.

He also loves watermelon. Steve was cutting some up for him and Lucas kept grunting and pointing telling us he wanted more. Since we ran out, Steve gave him the watermelon rind. Below is a picture of him gnawing on it. I'll be sure and show his prom date this picture.

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