Monday, October 13, 2008

Busy Weekend

I've never been asked so many times in my life about how I was feeling. Everyday at school I have at least 3 fellow teachers ask me. I think it is sweet. For the most part I have been feeling fine but the past week my back has started to ache a bit and it is getting harder to bend over. Luckily when I drop something in my classroom I have 22 eager 3rd graders ready to grab whatever is on the floor. I also know I should sit more at work, but it is hard when you've been trained to walk around when you teach. So, essentially I stand all day. I guess I may have to alter my teaching style to rest my back once in a while.

But, I had another prenatal massage (a gift from Steve) on Saturday. It felt so nice and relaxing. I think I want at least one more before the baby arrives. That night Steve surprised me with a group of friends for dinner and Cirque de Soleil! You see my birthday is Christmas Eve and everything is closed and everyone is busy. Steve decided to celebrate my birthday a little earlier this year by getting tickets. I have always wanted to see Cirque de Soleil and they did not disappoint. I would recommend this show to everyone.

We had another busy day on Sunday. First, Steve and I went to the Armenian Museum in Watertown where his grandfather was being honored as an Armenian Vet. Then we raced home to have dinner with my dad, Gale and Aunt Susan. It was the first time that Aunt Susan (who lives in California) had seen our house. Beside eating a great meal (thank you Steve) we were showered with gifts. Dad and Gale bought the baby a cute musical box and Susan bought the baby a Christmas stocking and growth chart. It's fun being around people that are just as excited to meet the baby as the parents!

Check out the pics from this weekend:


Samantha Desai said...

You look great Tracy! When are you having your shower???? While not up there, Nehal and I are equally excited about meeting the new baby! Talk to you soon I hope, Cousin Sam :)

Tracyp said...

Hi Sam-

Thanks for the compliment. The shower is November 2nd and it's coming up pretty quick. Hopefully you and Nehal will be able to meet the little one!