Sunday, October 19, 2008

Almost Halloween

Steve and I had a busy weekend again but we got a lot accomplished. You see I have a list of things that need to get done before the baby comes like: get life insurance, clean out the bookcase in the baby's room, give Steve e-mail addresses and numbers to tell people when the baby is born, etc. I am happy to say that we work well as a team and many of the items are already crossed off. Of course, there have have many things that we haven't planned for that have taken time away from my precious list. Things like: our hot water tank broke, our lawn mower died, our stove started to leak gas, etc. Steve has been working his butt off and we have a completely new heating system that doesn't involve oil and we got a new stove. Isn't he a great husband!?!?

We did take time away from my list to enjoy a Halloween mega store in Worcester. We drove out there on Saturday with a couple of friends to gather Halloween decor and costume necessities. Contrary to popular belief I do not have a costume picked out for the baby's first Halloween next year. Steve even suggested getting one since they were already on sale. I told him we have to wait because the costume has to be just right.

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