Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday party and Dino exhibit

We had a busy January with Lucas' birthday party and a trip to a traveling dinosaur exhibit. Lucas spent a special day with just mommy and daddy as we braved the crowds to the exhibit.  There were so many people that we actually had to wait in lines for almost everything.  I waited for 45 minutes so Lucas could enjoy 4 dinosaur bouncy houses.  Thank goodness Sydney wasn't with us or it would have been unbearable.  But, Lucas loved it and that's all that counts.

We also had 14 of Lucas' friends at his dinosaur themed birthday party.  Can you tell Lucas is obsessed with dinos? We had it at My Gym this year and it was the best decision we've made.  They did everything including entertaining the kids!  The best part was that each child could ride on the zip line! 

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