Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spectacular September

I realized I haven't blogged in a while so there's a lot you haven't heard. I haven't been to the Big E in years (New England's largest fair) but we thought we would check it out this year. Since the Big E is always packed, I made Steve go out and buy a leash/harness for Lucas. He's at that age where he doesn't always want to sit in his stroller but he also runs away. The Big E is way too crowded for us to take a chance Lucas would get lost so we tried the leash. Let me tell you it was some of the best 30 bucks ever spent. Lucas loved walking around and we had peace of mind knowing he couldn't get lost.

We also met Holly, Nate, and the kids at the Big E. Theo and Lucas had a good time sharing food.

The weekend after the Big E we went on a traditional New England picking! This is Lucas' second venture apple picking and he loved having a plethora of food to pick off trees for hours! The adults loved the wine tastings at the orchard.

Last Monday Lucas woke up with a red mark over his lip. Steve and I thought it looked like a bruise so we assumed that he hit his lip in his crib. After a few days of the bruise not improving and in fact, getting worse, we went to the doctors. At first the doctor wasn't sure what to diagnose but after further investigation he said it was impetigo (a common skin infection). He prescribed an ointment and he's getting better everyday! Take a look at his upper lip and yes, he is in a lobster pot (by choice).

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