Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Trip of the Summer

Last weekend, we ventured to Lakeville for Steve's triathlon. Steve has been training for this race for months. It's a huge milestone for him for a couple of reasons. 1. He hasn't done a triathlon in four years. 2. His boss was competing in the same race. If you've ever met my husband you know he is the competitive type. There was no way he was going to let his boss beat him. He trained hard but neither of us expected him to come in 35th overall! Lucas was very proud of his daddy and he kicked his boss's ass. The three of us stayed in a RV for the weekend. If you've ever seen an RV there isn't much floor space. We had to figure out where Lucas would sleep. If he slept in the beds in front, he could climb out. Lucas takes after both parents and doesn't sit still for more than five minutes. We decided to put Lucas' Pack N Play on top of the bed in the back of the camper. We also knew that Lucas would try to climb out of it or knock it over. Steve brought moving belts and secured the Pack N Play to the RV. It worked even through Lucas swinging off one of the belts over the bed securing it in place. Lucas loved the campground. They had this thing called a bounce pillow. It's basically this big blow up toy that kids can jump on. Lucas would jump on this thing with anyone. Some little girls took a liking to Lucas and jumped with him for at least 40 minutes. Our philosophy is "he can do anything he wants as long as it's safe and it tires him out!" On the last day of our trip we drove to Edaville Railroad. This place has to be one of the cutest places I have ever seen. It is basically a kid's amusement park. The day we went Thomas the Train was there and we took a train ride all around the park. Lucas loved it! It was fun watching him go on rides by himself. He's such a happy kid but on most of the rides he looked so serious. I know he liked the rides though, because he cried when we stopped him from going on the Red Baron ride for the 3rd time.

Reality is started last week. Even though Lucas exhausts me, I will miss being with him all day :(

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