Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Plane, The Plane

After a very rough fourth of July week, Lucas and I headed to North Carolina for a mini-vacation. My friend and her family rented a house on the Outerbanks and asked us to join them. Since Steve doesn't get much time off he stayed home to work.

I was a bit apprehensive taking Lucas on a plane for a few reasons:

1. He still had a cough.
2. I didn't know if his ears would hurt.
3. He had to sit still on my lap.
4. I was by myself with an 18 month old.
5. We had to transfer planes.

Overall, it went pretty well. The biggest obstacle was #3 from above. He couldn't have cared less about take off or landing but he did not like sitting on my lap for a long period of time. I tried giving him lollipops, watching a dvd, new toys, snacks, etc. But those would only hold his interest for a few moments. Luckily the flight attendants were pretty helpful and let Lucas run up and down the aisle. He was so tired out from all that running that on our 2nd flight from D.C. to Norfolk he actually fell asleep on the lady next to me. The way home was a bit more stressful with a 2 1/2 hour delay. But we made it.

Lucas loved the beach house! He must have spent hours climbing up and down the stairs. Since the beach was only walking distance away we went everyday. Lucas liked running in and out of the water but wasn't sure what to make of the waves. The beach toys and sand were a big hit though!
I think I need a vacation from my vacation!

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