Monday, June 22, 2009

6 months old today!

Can you believe Lucas is 6 months old today? I am not sure which is harder to believe..that a 1/2 year has gone by since Lucas came into our lives or that we survived the first 6 months of parenthood.
My last day of school was Thursday and Lucas and I have been enjoying our time together. Our weekend was packed full of fun! On Saturday we went to Michael's first birthday. Lucas didn't seem too impressed with the festivities, but I was! Jeannie (Michael's mom) had a dinosaur themed party. She made a homemade dino cake and some dino cookies. I even dressed Lucas up in a dinosaur outfit (he looked cute, if I do say so myself). Now, I have to start thinking about Lucas's 1st birthday...Any ideas?

On Sunday we celebrated Father's day with our families. Lucas was very pleased with the gift he picked out for Steve. He got daddy a custom made bike t-shirt and a gift certificate to go scuba diving (I think Steve was happy that no ties were given). Happy Father's Day Steve!

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